Design and Engineering

With more than 20 years of expertise in designing and manufacturing of electric heating products.

A process heater is an integral part of process equipment where a matrix of flow rate, temperature, heat exchange, velocity, pressure drop and so on shall be taken into account. This can never be achieved without the heavy investment in engineering and process software that DFI acquired over the years. The keys are:

  • In-house developed software HEAT-CALSYS.
  • Aspen Process Optimisation Software.
  • Solidwork 3D and Process Simulation.
  • Autocad.

While software plays a key role in complex calculation, it is the engineer’s expertise and experiences that makes a difference. In DFI, we have a team of engineers who have been trained through the years of exposure in the industries. While others may rely on general material properties, DFI has years of testing data conducted on dozens of different materials not commonly found in Reference Books. You can rely on us with your most complex application knowing DFI’s Solution not only on theoretical basis but also on field experiences.