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  1. Picture 1: Heating Element
  2. Picture 2: Finned Heating Element
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  5. Picture 5: One-ended electric heating element


Electric heating element is the core component of electric heater. Our high performance heating element provides good thermal efficiency, withstand high heat and corrosion resistance as well as possess excellent insulation property and dielectric strength under continuous working condition.

The heating element is designed and tested with minimum life span of 100, 000 hours of continuous operation as well as cyclic condition.

Product Features

  • High quality raw materials:
    • Ni80Cr20 resistance wire.
    • UCM high purity MgO powder for high temperature application.
    • Tube materials available in: INCOLOY800/840, INCONEL600, Hastelloy, 304, 321, 310S, 316L and etc.
  • Key technical properties:
    • Leakage current : less than 0.5mA under operating temperature.
    • Insulation resistance: cold state ≥500MΩ; hot state≥50MΩ.
    • Dielectric strength: Hi-pot>AC 2000V/1min
    • Power Tolerance : +/-5%
  • Our products are UL and CE approved and meet the regulation requirements.