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  1. Picture 1: Withdrawal Heater
  2. Picture 2: L-Shape Heater
  3. Picture 3: Water-Bath Heater

1. Withdrawal Heater

While hair-pin element allows individual replacement, it can only be done offline, i.e the vessel/tank needs to be drained by pulling out the complete heater bundle. The Withdrawal heater design allows online replacement of any faulty heating element without the hassle of draining the vessel/tank. This greatly reduces maintenance down time.

Withdrawal heater utilizes the element pockets which are welded to the tubesheet. The withdrawal elements are inserted into the pocket and secured with DFI’s unique Double-Action Bite-coupling.

Product Features:

  • ATEX and IECExapproved. Exd, Exe, IIC Gb, T1-T6.
  • Zone 1 & 2 applications.
  • Ingress Protection IP66.
  • Standard SS316L element pocket. Other materials are available on request.
  • Design to ASME code and other International Standards.
  • Recommended for smaller duty immersion heater.

2. L-Shape Heater

The L-Shape Heater is designed for application where only top mounting of the tank is possible. The L-shape with the heating element at the horizontal bottom allows full submersion into the process, thus maximize heat transfer.

Product Features:

  • Explosion Proof certified for Zone 1 & 2 applications, IP66.
  • Stainless Steel submerged box.
  • Flange mounted with removal stand pipe for ease of installation.
  • No hot spot with heating element position at the lowest possible level. Level switch and element over-temperature as protection.
  • Recommended for use in Sump Tank.

3. Water-Bath Heater

Water bath allow indirect heating of the process which comprises of Heater, Water Tank and Process piping. The Heater heat up the water and the hot water transfer the heat to the submerged process piping.

Product Features:

  • Reduce risk as the heater is not direct in contact with the process.
  • Cost saving, especially for high pressure process as no pressure vessel is required. The Water tank can be designed with atmospheric pressure.
  • Heater can be On/Off controlled and not necessary thyristor.